Dubai is the crown gem of the UAE. With its luscious beaches and improbable engineering feats to harness as much as it is possible of the sea, Dubai has turned into a hub of seafarers. The icon of Dubai is the yacht. Yachters from hereabouts across the earth flock to this desert wonderland because it is home to any of the largest and most expensive yachts in the world. More than anything, yacht charters have been the go-to place to throw parties. From corporate events to weddings, festivals on yachts are unique in its own right. Boats are not just for parties, though. They can encourage up any normal day, including even a leisure cruise on a sport boat. Party Cruise has a yacht for every occasion. Be it a small or large group of guests; we have ships that suits every one of them, giving your guests the utmost luxury and privacy. Party Cruise yacht rental Dubai offers state of the art facilities. Please select one of your taste from our extensive fleet.