Why You Shouldn’t Miss This VR Park in Dubai

VR Park is Dubai’s newest and most exciting spectacle! The VR Park is the latest immersive VR happening in the Middle East, finished with genuine to-scale posts is something you should not avoid the chance to encounter. Our Super Pass to the park enables you to determine the 7 exercises you see multiple appealing and provides you full entrance to them for a whole day in the park. Make your VR park experience more exciting and thrilling with us. Book your tour with Luxury Arabian Tour.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This:

Have you always thought that whatever it can feel like to breathe in the imaginative universes we see after digital tubes? VR Park Dubai provides you an opportunity to encounter exactly that and more extra. With VR Park’s charms, you will see yourself engaged in the activities presented mainly with the addition of real-world posts. The whole park is separated across two levels that contain many various activities that provide usually diverse flavors and hearings. Adventures like the “Burj Drop” provide you the adventure of descending on the bottoms of the Burj Khalifa – a truly adrenaline-packed adventure.

Related adventures introduce the “Plummet” the skydiving adventure and Dune Bash, and off-roading experience. And also, games like the “John Wick Chronicles” and “PAYDAY: The VR Heist” enable you to undergo an immersive action-packed adventure from the scenes of famous films and videogames. The park additionally offers more extra family-oriented adventures like the “VR Travel Bus” and “RobocomVR” that enables you to go in spacecraft and travel space.


When you entered in VR Park you experience and observes several attractions. To encounter all these attractions you have to wear a VR headset first. You may also have to do some strengtheners to communicate yourself with games and attractions. You can enjoy any 10 attractions which are at the top and depends upon your interest and choices. Any of the attractions will involve the usage of life-like strengtheners that communicate with the VR components. Those might include strengtheners of guns or mittens that enhance your immersion in the space.

Following are the lists of games you can choose from your pass:

  • Dubai Drone
  • Dune Bash
  • Hologate
  • Stereolife
  • Burj Drop
  • VR Maze
  • Plummet
  • Virtual Rabbids
  • Holocube VR
  • We Play VR

Memorable parts:

  • 7,000 sqm of VR space.
  • Displays that are focused on the theme “Challenge reality”.
  • 18 displays that provide to all generations and concerns including fear and adrenaline-packed activities.
  • Multiplayer matches are expected to be played by crowds.
  • The atmosphere has strengtheners that communicate with the VR exposure to give a heightened feeling of reality.
  • The PVRK cafe with outstanding meals and drink choices.


  • Admission to VR Park

  • 4 hours of gameplay at the VR Park

  • Choose 7 out of 10 VR games and rides

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