Dubai Desert Safari in Dubai is an exciting tour that gives you an unforgettable evening in the desert. Dubai has become a popular visitor spot in the world and Desert Safari journey you should never miss when you are in Dubai. The most suitable time to enjoying desert safari is evening, after the sunset, the warmth of the desert disappears it becomes more relaxed and more satisfied. Let Get a ride to the outskirts of the town and you’ll find beautiful red hills as far as your eyes can detect. Make your tour super exciting with Luxury Arabian Tours.

    Our tour starts with pickup from your given location. After picking you up from your hotel or residence and take you from the desert location. This can be done in a 4*4 Land cruiser. The first step of our tour is dune bashing which only done with our specialized drivers. Dune bashing is a very exciting experience. Gives you very thrilling and exciting memories, after dune bashing, we start a new session which is quad biking which is a 25-minute session. The greatest thing is that you needn’t have to hold any specific skill-set or previous practice to entertain in quad biking Dubai. In guidance on the protection concerns of the use of quad bikes by our specifically instructed staff, you can go set for an off-road journey that is both dramatic and breathtaking. All our bikes are advanced and managed to top-class entertainment means you can be sure of its protection and ease of handling. On the other hand, if you are under 15 years or don’t want to ride it yourself, an expertly prepared quad biker will guide you on your impressive sort of desert journey.

  After quad biking, sand boards provide for sandboarding which gives you eternal fun and entertainment. Later you served with refreshments, drinks, and snacks. Where you can enjoy camel riding. Traditional dresses for men and women for photography will also provide. Our henna specialist females design your hands with adoring henna patterns.

Your desert tour ends, where you can experience a delightful and mouth-watering buffet include veg and non-veg also; you can provide cold drinks so you can refresh yourself by quenching your thirst. You’ll also enjoy many traditional live shows such as belly dance, Tanura dance entertained by Egyptian dancers while you are eating. Contact us to book your journey or book online through our website.



  • Desert dune bashing
  • Henna painting
  • sheesha
  • Belly Dance
  • Fire Dance Show
  • Tanoura Dancing
  • Sand Boarding
  • Music System
  • Toilet for ladies & Men
  • Dinner tables with carpet & Pillows
  • Mineral Water
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • Bar BQ Dinner for Veg & Non Veg Also
  • Camel Riding
  • Beverages Counter
  • Local Dresses for men & Women (for photography)
  • 25 Mins Quad Bike

Terms and conditions:

  • All Prices are on sharing basis.
  • Private transport can be organized on request
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Children above 10 years will be charge as adult and less than 3 years will be free
  • There will be no bally dance and musical programmers during Islamic Occasions and in the Holy Month of Ramadan as per law.
  • Cancellation should be before 24 hours
  • 100% Charge for no-shows or cancellations made on same time
  • Rates will be subject to change without further

Desert Safari Dubai deals and packages in 2020

Dubai tourism is only regarding the futuristic attraction of new buildings, romantic nightlife, fascinating scenes, and desert safaris. Resting on the Persian Gulf’s South-East coast, a journey to this most magnificent and the most famous city of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) with our Dubai tour guide through Luxury Arabian tours is persisting in being an experiential thing. Being the Emirate of Dubai’s capital, it’s a town scamper with life. To prepare your journey adequately in progression, take a Dubai tourist map for yourself, and begin travelling the city at your own pace! Once in a lifetime, you have to plan your vacations to experience a thrilling journey in Dubai.

Dubai, a Great Arabian Desert​

Desert Safari dubai Deals

The Arabian Desert has its charm. Dubai is one of the best tourist places. Lovely morning and evening of desert catch the attraction of many tourists. 

The Arabian Desert has its beauty, which attracts people towards itself. It takes astounding and alluring perfection that entertains a large number of people, often travellers, and adventurers who want to grasp the shrouded destiny of the sand.

Tourists who are creative minds will love henna designs. After this fresh up yourself with the best delicious buffet. Available for both veg and non-veg. Everything in the buffet is mouth-watering. You’ll enjoy this magnificent experience.

After the sun rises and shares, it’s light to everyone in the desert. It gives an alluring view that attracts everyone. After some time that magnificent sun turned into the sparkling stars and bright moon. The night view of the desert is so charming and peaceful if all this knowledge about the beauty of the Dubai desert brings you. Then no need to wait. Luxury Arabian tours have Cheapest Desert Safari packages for you.

Dubai is renowned for its courageous spirit, and it has a chance to offer tourists who like to examine and explore different stuff. Dubai Desert safari is one of its main appeals, and many firms give some of the famous, beautiful viewing packages. What’s there on the record, on the website might not be there in life and for that, we try to who we are in on earth too. We ensure what we are able of and strive at giving our clients the most enjoyable adventure that they will love for life and the thing which will provide them with a client for life.

All our visitors are delighted with the assistance we are giving. Your encouragement, attention, and security with a full lot of fun is our leading preference. Our customer care agents are ready 24/7 to help you choose an attractive offer according to your own choice.

People mostly tourists come to Dubai to travel the UAE, and the Arabian cites with attractions you can view. Make use of all your Desert safari facilities and try your luck entirely when the need for seeing the desert outskirts. Try out the Dubai Safari first to prepare yourself for fulfilled experience as travellers.

Decide to use the Luxury Arabian Tours to be on the Arabian Desert safari trip to move on to the next step. Implement your most wanted trip to make it to your Dubai safari to complete your ride with a small fee to pay. Some places are famous and have much recognition from people who want to be in the safari. It is found unique to be at these places, and it is always the best trip you want and will notice to amaze you to the fullest.

Desert in safari is in the middle of Dubai, and travelling to most locations is a new point of view for you. The city is a modern one and does not want to see the real face of the city, which is the primitive part of the city. Also, the sandy areas and the plateau in the hilly regions are looked at more carefully by tourists.

Tours and Travel in the Desert Fun Tour in Dubai

Get on the four-wheelers and enter the sands with the Desert safari to make maximum benefits to enjoy the trip. Try out the Cheap Dubai safari after booking it through Luxury Arabian Tours to confirm. After booking, move into the Dubai Desert safari and get a pick up through our chauffeurs who will get to the place where you are staying.

Travel through your Arabian Dubai safari trip to travel to most locations in the desert strip to go in and out to the outskirts. Avail the best opportunity to make it into the Desert safari to discover the new features. One of the most prominent rides through the desert is the Dubai Desert Safari, which provides all the advantages you want.

It has a large number of attractions which tourists come to Dubai to see in the city and the desert which you are touring. The desert is the center of tourist attractions in the Desert Arabian safari trip to see the different sites and attractions. Some special events and trips make the desert safari trip ideal for a newcomer to be on it for his interest.

Dubai Desert Safari Trip into Dubai Ideas

Events like Quad Biking is a four-wheel biking event that moves the bikes at a fast speed up and down the hilly areas. Take the first and foremost Dubai safari trip to see the desert in the Arabian land to discover for the first time newer places. Secure the wanted rides through your Desert safari to confirm the selected trip.

Do make your advised trip through the desert in your Dubai safari, to stay in unique tents. You can see dance shows when you are looking for consistency in moving through the Desert safari trip. Make the required efforts to get on it. Select where you want to go for your Dubai safari for a ride through the Arabian Desert.

The camel walks you can ride sent through the Arabian Desert to see the ride that resembles the olden time Arabs who trekked desserts. Become a part of the desert and have full exposure in the deserts of Arabia when you plan to move to the outskirts. Sunsets are the central part of the desert safari in the Arabian UAE desert to make you a part of the trip.

Desert Safari and It is Unique Events and Stage Shows

If you went to visit the desert safari to get to the dune bashing experience with the movement on the desert sandy hills. See to it that you have made your part played to join the Desert safari trip which you are eager to travel. Secure your place in the Dubai safari in UAE. Also, stop by for some refreshments which you will need on the trip.

Try out your specially organized Desert safari to accept the fact that your journey through the desert is justifiable. Try out whatever plan you intend to implement and make your cruise in the Dubai safari for you and your family to benefit from the trip. In this event, you can also be sitting in the driving seat of the Land Cruiser in the journey.

Visitors at the morning desert safari have a lifetime of useful experience. It can make you see a whole new outlook and conceptions that lie behind the desert Safari Dubai. Make your wishes to be on Dubai sightseeing look as compelling and worth trying through a vast expanded desert. When you begin moving in the morning desert safari, you can review the situation by just registering.

If you are in a hardcore environment for Dubai sightseeing, do take the time and try out your deserved trip. The more adventurous journey is the morning trip, and the evening trip does not have the Quad bike that is the most thrilling. To see the sunrise, take a good morning trip. An excellent wild beauty of the desert is in the evening Safari to discover the desert further.

The morning trip outplays the evening trip after several trips pieces that are effective and make a difference. Viewing the sunrise through the desert is why the first trip is beneficial and a source of inspiration. You can lie in the sand and make yourself fulfilled with the sunrise view in the morning hours.

Reasons to Choose Early Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Once you enter the morning desert safari try out the dune bashing feature that takes you into the desert on a hummer. Try out the Dubai sightseeing through the vehicle that will make an absolute difference for your trip in the desert. Be on the journey of desert safari Dubai through Luxury Arabian tours and join the Desert Safari Dubai.

Select the ideal tour for Dubai sightseeing and secure your morning trip on desert safari Dubai a luxurious trip. Do not hesitate and make 100% efforts as there is enjoyment that will touch your heart in deserts in Dubai. The spin in the desert sands to complete a journey through dunes works well in most situations.

Sand board is another event that takes you out on a hover board on the desert sands and makes you enjoy while surfing. It is a challenging experience and a significant part of the Desert Safari as it is several miles to traverse the whole distance. A sand sliding event that is a must for you to be on when on the desert safari. Sandboarding is done on 3000-meter-high dunes to slide through the winds and sand.

Morning Dubai Desert Safari with Camel Ride and Sand Boarding

Another aspect of the morning desert safari is the safari village tour that is an enclosure that has animals in captivity. You can find Arabian antelopes to creepy reptiles among the captive animals at the safari village. It is an integral part of Dubai sightseeing and will get you to view animals in the desert. 

View the aspects of the morning desert safari to be one of the lucky ones to make your trip pleasant. It is a bright idea when you come across the Dubai Sightseeing where distinctive features are natural to find as it is in during day time. In the second phase of the morning desert safari. Take the opportunity to promote your financed trip in the desert.

There is still more to it. You can try to be on Dubai sightseeing and take the ride through the dunes and uneven landscape. Use the desert safari option to get on the camel ride and enjoy the event on the journey for your satisfaction. You can also take a picture with a falcon in the desert ride and keep it for your memories.

Head to The Desert in Morning Desert Safari

It is the ideal morning desert safari you might want to be on which you can register through Luxury Desert Tours online website. Make use of your special senses and go for your Dubai sightseeing event to make your trip memorable. Try out the morning desert safari as your trip to Dubai in the UAE is never complete without it. It is the best time to go for Dubai sightseeing to get 100% benefit for your ride through Arabia.

When going for a trip to the UAE, you can become part of the Desert safari to see Dubai city ultimately. Arrange for the best Dubai tour to explore the new tourist sites and historical locations that you are eager to go. Travel through the sandy plateau’s and moves through the Desert safari after registration through Luxury Arabian Tours.

Carry on with the Dubai tour and find out what it is all about, to carry on your journey through the Arabian Desert land. It is a priority to make it to the most exquisite and recognized localities which you are worthy of visiting. Dubai’s most wanted tourist attraction is still here for you to discover and see places you have never imagined of going.

The first facility that the desert safari provides is a pick and drop service from the hotel where you are staying. If the ride is not from the hotel, our agent will pick you up from the nearest location or pick up point. A land cruiser is used to travel in the desert once you jump into it to start the journey in the safari. Near the outskirts of the desert, the tires are deflated to be able to move on.

Most of the Things to Know About Desert Safari in Dubai

As the trip through the Desert safari is an exciting and enervating experience to carry on through the plain sandy hills. Transfer your mind to the Dubai tour using the online Luxury Arabian tours website to register and go for the trip. Be part of the expert driving experience to explore the Desert safari and see it for yourself if you are in the right place.

The expert drivers in the Dubai tour take you through the verticals, dunes, windy desert, and the rest of the way. Fasten your seat belts and sit securely to manage the turbulence throughout the trip. This Desert Safari is even more exciting than a trip to Mount Everest and will excite you to maximum strength.

A convoy of several vehicles is led into the desert to carry on through the complete trip and reach the destination point. Once you reach the top of the hill and view down, you will see a fleet of several Land Cruisers, one after the other leading the way. These powerful vehicles make the trip look much more comfortable than it might have been with a lighter vehicle.

All You Need To Know About Desert Safari in Dubai UAE

Be on a Dubai tour, and make sure you have used the right websites to go for the ride through the desert. Make sure the trip to the Desert safari provides you with comfort, which you find the utmost attractive and want to implement. Willfully take full advantage of the Dubai tour and go further to form a new image of the desert and its traveling sets and benefits.

Begin an excursion to the Desert safari and presume that you will discover the city of Dubai and its outskirts. Initiate your Dubai tour and stay the night with dining in the desert as well as refreshments that will make your time more valuable. A desert zoo, as well as vegetation, is made near your camp. It doesn’t resemble anything you expect to see in the middle of a desert.

You can see the sunrise and sunset in the desert and take photographs of every moment. Once the noon and sunshine time comes in, you can picture the sparkling desert to show the ground come to life. A camp for relaxation and sleeping is where the land cruisers stop by for resting.

Most of the Things You Would Like To Know About Dubai Desert Safari

Camel riding is an integral part of the Desert safari and is has older origins to the times when Bedouin Arabs in dark ages took their trips. The tents are tiny and in the middle of the desert, and you can also get a Hena tattoo once you stop by at the camp. Use the Dubai tour and motivate yourself to make your journey in the first part of the journey in the desert sands to prove it is worth it.

A live performance in the Desert safari is one you can view on stage at the camp. The dance show is a Turkish Tanoura dance and more entertainment that is better than most activities you will get during this desert trip. Also, constant Arabic music will play at the amusing desert safari. Events that will make your trip enthralling are sandboarding, sand skiing, quad biking, and more.

A more artificial and well as virtual desert event that goes on in the desert with invitation of people worldwide.  The use of high powered vehicles makes the enjoyment multiply to prove that it is one of the best Desert Safari Dubai of the Arabia. The Desert Safari is a special event that takes thousands of people around the world to take part in it.

An expert at driving would even wonder how the Desert Safari Dubai needs to be planned out and worked as. Make the most of your holiday experience and add on your journey to the Desert Safari to make the most of the experience. Although there are several ways to add on to the Desert Safari Dubai there even more you might want to add as an experience.

So contact the team of individuals and see the promising and convincing journey. It is Desert Safari United Arab Emirates that will comprise of a positive journey you will surely want to go on. Walk through the Desert Safari Dubai and secure the essence of the journey to see there is a solution to sloppiness.

Secure Best Trips and Enjoy a Ride through UAE Desert

When looking for a distinctions do see there are contingent results you understand and interest you. Secure and spend a few dirhams on the Desert Safari going for a few hours ride that changes the complexion of your day. When you spend a little on trip at least AED 200 for the Desert Safari Dubai, make the efforts to do that.

When the Desert Safari is working at the level best to prove there are many ways to enjoy the ride with the family. Making the most of the desert safari and the rides to be declared with utmost consistency using Desert Safari Dubai. Utilize the decisive trip that makes you one of the lucky ones who wants to be in Desert Safari.

Add and see where the secured location comes in to see through bullet proof windows when going through desert sands. Develop the taste when you reach different locations such as the tents and the places where you can ride motor bikes to travel in the sandy desert when in the ride. Attain with conformity of when the trip starts and pay the tour fee of at least AED 160 to move into the ride.

Safari at the Right Location for People who Enjoy the Desert

Try out the Desert Safari Dubai and discover the numerous benefits that you know make sense to the fullest. Wanting to make the trip last for long but it never seems to end and disappoint you on Desert Safari. Make the move and hire the individuals who provide an extravagant and precious ride that proves you are an insistent rider.

Secure the most exquisite and intricate desert movement that is consistently moving on to a new and acceptable adventure. Be the one to take advantage of the extensive ride through the UAE desert and get into one of our vehicles to do that. See that there are several distinct features of the ride that you intend to make use of during the ride.

Desert Safari is yet the emerging and most extricable events you understand and know are most exciting to carry out. Use the Hummer and enjoy the Arabian nights with food and cuisine that suits your tastes in Desert Safari Dubai. A valuable deal that effectively gets carried out is Desert Safari is the deserts of the United Arab Emirates.

Travel through Dusty and Sandy Deserts of the UAE

When the Desert Safari Dubai sands are rough working through the dust storms as well as high force winds can make you progress through it. When you discover that there is no solution apart from taking part in the Desert Safari you will need a ride. Desert Safari Dubai is still a challenging event that is on several hundred times in a day for thousands of tourists.

Ascertain when the ride is and confirm through the hotel where you stay in the ride which you are sure is necessary and the correct one you need. As you might insist the use of online ways to register for the Desert rides, make the leap into a world full of enjoyment and see that there is a solution. Select where there is necessity to move on and see with utmost clarity to perceive where the best part of the ride is that you have reached.

Move on a Desert Ride through UAE and have Fun

Ascertain which way you insist on travelling immediately after you reach the sport where the desert and the hummer waits for you to take you to a new location inside. Set you aims at the standards at which this safari works to the fullest and make trip worthwhile.

Take your turn and still await the ride to the best trip to the place in the desert which is attractive. Noticing the view when you pass by the date trees and oasis to complete the ride and having a few ideas in mind the made the day.

Select the best  ride when you are interested for the trip througn the arabian desert to make yourself a visitor. See to it that there aree several keys perks that you `chose the ride for. Do be part of the desert and become part of the popular ride availed within UAE through the safari. See to it accessiblility of rides that are in several numbers and search within the large peice of sandy area to discover the new land that is only in Arabia.

Get the thrilling experience of a lifetime to have a fun-loving and enjoyable trip in the desert Safari ride that you take through the desert. There is a team to pick you through your hotel entrance and them to drive in Arabia and reach the desert for the safari to begin. Be confident to start the trip for the best safari Dubai and be assured there will be more fun and excitement you come across in the ride.

Do get registered for drive through Arabia and make sure that there is nothing that you miss out when moving for your vacation ride full of excitement. Show yourself that you have made your money’s worth and you want to proceed with the journey through the desert for the best safari Dubai and have 100% awareness to travel in a unique ride.

An activity that you are desirous of and that awaits you to take the desert safari ride, is simple and worth trying as you move into the desert stretch. Do not wait for any chance or opportunity to make your transition to the location where you want to go, instead hop into the four-wheel drive and begin the desert safari ride.

Desert Safari Dune Bashing Trip in The Arabian Sands

Get on the ride and drive on the Arabian sand as there is a long stretch of desert and enjoyment coming your way to provide you an opportunity to rejoice. Settlement to go on the best safari Dubai ride is simple and worth trying, first access Luxury Arabian Tours where you can go to register. Begin the ride if you want to drive in Arabia and travel on tour for a successful trip.

Select the best safari Dubai trip and make progress on the new journey through the desert safari ride as well as a trip you will never forget. Be assured that you have joined the desert safari trip to a new location and meet the dune bashing experience be the one that makes a difference. Select through an online network, the desert safari trip which you are confident to take and want to experience it for yourself or family.

Get in mode to move further and make the day stand out, which provides you a refreshing and ultimate experience you feel is something new happening. Choose the rally that goes with the land cruisers, which are stronger vehicles that travel through rough sand and makes your trip more comfortable and enjoyable with your family in the desert sands of Dubai.

A Tour or Trip to Experience in Desert Safari Dubai

Locate yourself to the chauffeur who is to come and pick you up at the airport and drive in Arabia for a ride you want for your own vacation experience, which you want to try as a whole new experience. Use the opportunity to be part of the best safari in Dubai and access the trips and rates through Luxury Arabian Tours to take part in the ride.

Try out your drive through the Arabian desert for refreshments a well as dances and music with dinner in the middle of your ride, as much as you need to enjoy. Get your ideal trip on the best safari Dubai and make sure that you are registered in time to reach the trip as soon as possible. Select the ride that you understand will make a difference to you and book without a waste of time.

Have the ride and drive in Arabia, making the trip connect you to a whole new world with a difference. Secure the ideal and affordable ride through the desert and get to know texture of the desert sands and the winds, which make it even more compelling. Choose the time and kind of trip that you are assured will suit your mood and interests and go for it as you travel through the sandy deserts of Arabia.

Spend Your Day in The Desert with A Safari Ride

The activity such as treasure hunt is the next aspect of the ride which you will get in the best safari Dubai and searching the treasure is an essential factor. Get to drive-in Arabia and take a trip further for dune boarding, which is a skateboard activity that is on the sand and is different from ice skating. Another event for your interest is camel trekking, which is a good part of best safari Dubai.

The best of all the events in the trip is survival training that goes with driving through the Arabia desert, and it is a major part of the desert safari. Make the best safari in Dubai journey, to shine out to the rest which you have found as an ideal tour and trip through the desert on a journey you will remember for a long time.

More enjoyable than any other trip, relax and enjoy after the dune bashing gentle drive towards the desert camp in UAE. Ride in the Desert Safari with Quad Bike to enjoy the traditional welcome at camp with Tea / Drinks. Also take refreshments such as Arabic sweets, fresh fruit and dates to get a taste of dates and other fruits.

A live-fire show is a suitable place after the Desert Safari with Quad Bike,be part of the night time life in the desert. Two Tanura Egyptian Artists Dance Colorful Lighting Show is a dance at the Quad bike desert safari to entertain the participants. Get more lively fun through two live belly dance show on Arabic Music.

Use the Desert Safari with Quad Bike to complete your trip and then take a drive back to Dubai and drop off to your hotel location. Try the complete for Quad Bike trip through the desert sands and strong winds blowing across. Ask the desert ride guide to continue your travel through the deserts in Arabia.

The Key to Successful Desert Safari Dubai

The ride picks you up from your pick up location when you book it and become part of the trip at noon time. It is excitement to enjoy with an adventurous drive to reach high dunes for photo stops and enjoyment. Get on the Desert Safari with Quad Bike to stop by for refreshment & Enjoy sandboarding at the high dunes to make your trip successful.

Make the trip for taking part in the Desert Safari with Quad Bike race, a fulfilling journey and see locations why you came to Dubai. Settle the Quad Bike safari to go and get 100% enjoyment to discover the desert land in UAE. Show that there is anything left for you to become part of the Desert Safari with Quad Bike race when you go according to planning.

Decide to move to be part of the Desert Safari with Quad Bike and also see sunset scene photography to recollect something to remember. Select the ride you want to take part in to travel with the heavy winds and complete your single trip of choice. Do take time out and search for the ideal aspect of the ride to complete your overall trip on the safari.

Get on A Trip Through Luxury Arabian Tours at the UAE Desert

Another aspect of the trip that has Camel Riding in it does miracles and will promote your ride to a whole new turn. It is a primitive way of traveling used in Arabia that is portrayed in the journey when the safari trip is on. A 25 Minutes Quad Bike race is a particular part of the safari and has several benefits travelers want to enjoy.

A hand imprinting such as Henna Painting is provided for women after the Desert Safari with Quad Bike. Smoke sheesha during the trip and move adding the special features to the Desert Safari ride, which has the specially arranged features. More exciting things related to the safari ride is a Hubbly Bubbly to get your mouths taste refreshed.

Surety with the safari ride being successful is only through Desert Safari with Quad Bike to complete your journey. When the safari is on, and the travelers to Dubai want to see new and exciting aspects of the travel period. Registration on the hotel desk to start the journey once reaching Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai is a Fun Filling and Rejuvenating Trip

If you want to travel in a stylish trip, make use of the local Arabic dress photography facility and take advantage. When you get thirsty, take Soft Drinks such as; Coke, Sprite, Water and Tea, to get your mood refreshed to enjoy the trip at Dubai Safari. If you are hungry and done with your Desert Safari with Quad Bike take a meal through the Live BBQ, Buffet Dinner of Pure Veg and non Veg dishes.

A ride at fast speeds is possible with use of Desert Safari with Quad Bike, and in the evening take a rest and relax near full lighting and sound of music on stage, around the camp. Seek the safari ride and registers and become part of the Desert Safari with Quad Bike as a component of the desert safari ride through UAE desert.

vip desert safari

Make plans of a safari and use the VIP Desert Safari for an excellent enjoyable ride in the sandy deserts. Happy as you might be getting the temper rolling to a new end after sitting in the Dubai Desert Safari as you want. VIP Desert Safari. You will be part of the safest and more enjoyable safaris for individuals who wish to relish it?

Select the VIP Desert Safari and choose the travel in the desert sands and see that there is nothing left for you. As you might be wondering what safari is, compare it to the jungle, it is more than just that. Try it out! Dubai has become sill more exciting and is the right place to be in a desert safari ride, which zooms you through the desert.

Arabia is known for the long stretches of deserts, but this is not the same old camel ride, it has sophisticated vehicles. The hummer is one of the significant carriages used on the trip through the deserts in UAE. So come and have fun in the deserts of Dubai and see for yourself the ride and the long journey on the fast track.

Select A Ride of the Year that Asks Just a Little

A lot to learn and see, there is a VIP Desert Safari ride that awaits you and shows you the UAE sandy deserts. Take the VIP Desert Safari trip and see for yourself the valuable time you spend with the journey in UAE deserts. A source of inspiration and something to look out for, do take the time to register for the rude in the desert.

VIP Desert Safari will bring you to another city after several stops within the desert. One-click, it’s Dubai, and the other tick, it is Abu Dhabi, but the middle makes you still remember the importance of time. Do choose the desert safari and come to Dubai and don’t miss all the fun it has on the city’s outskirts.

See for yourself the scenery that you can also capture on camera and make sure you have a sight to remember for your whole life. Try out the new hummer that is faster and stronger than any other high powered vehicle in the world. Do see that there is someone native to the land you communicate with, to see the real taste and fun.

Point at The Adventurous Journey which you have Dreamt

Try out the VIP Desert Safari and make yourself at home in the hummers that provide you the wanted ride. Sit in the VIP Desert Safari rides and choose the adrenaline-rushing ride that you craved for since a teenager. It is the needed and necessary safari ride you will be assured to be on as you will get what you always had expected.

Take the ride to enjoy, the travel through the sandy and windy plateau, choosing your tempo. Travel plan what you are in search of, you looked for, and you are going on. VIP Desert Safari is something named as a special event; all you need is to sit back and enjoy the ride.

It means something to you, but traveling on sandy mounds and hills of different sizes is still a whole new aspiration. So go through the desert and try to make the best of your Dubai trip you planned for this summer. Show that you are new in the city, but once you start the journey, it can be something different.

At Beginning of the Day, Dunes, Oasis in Desert Safari!!!

Try out the VIP Desert Safari as a planned out desert trip that costs a few Dirhams but is well worth it. Assure that UAE is a fantastic place, but using the time and space to take the VIP Desert Safari is nothing from the ordinary. Register safari now, to see the places and the food offered to all the travelers in the safari!!

Take the VIP Desert Safari and show yourself there is more than just the ride you want. Dubai has its skyscrapers and known technological aspects, but the VIP Desert Safari is an entirely different thing. Make use of your resources and time to be part of the desert by taking part in the Dubai desert storm ride.

Overnight Desert Safari

A night in the desert is amongst the checklist of all tourists. If you’re one of those tourists, we can make your dream come true. At Dubai, the desert safari is an adventurous experience. But, when you do it at the night time, the experience becomes more enjoyable.

At the overnight desert safari, you can enjoy your time stargazing under the comforts in the camp. It sounds fantastic, no? We all would love spending the night under the desert sky and counting stars. The company of mesmerizing stars along with the winds, would create a thrilling combination.

Although if you go alone, you will enjoy the experience, yet the company of your friends and relatives would make it more memorable. Imagine the time of seeing the sun rising in an open sky. You would love it for sure! Due to our daily busy routine, we all are moving away from nature. We do not notice the little things, but they matter a lot. Our mental peace comes from these things. Hence, we should take out some time from our routine and plan for a trip where we could enjoy our time with peace. If you are planning something like this, overnight desert safari should be the go-to option. In our daily life, we forgot to notice natural things such as clouds, sun, birds, etc. At the safari, you can forget all your burdens and enjoy your life!

From where will the overnight safari start?

If you have made this decision, I ensure you that you’re right. 

Our driver will pick you from the hotel where you are staying. Then, he will drop you at a camel farm amidst the desert. Most importantly, the driver will come in a 4×4 vehicle. We strive to make the trip as memorable as possible.

What will we do at the camel farm?

The trip to camel farm is an ad on to make the day pleasant. Camels are a part of nature. At the farm, you will get a chance to do something different. Obviously, that’s what our goal is. However, at the farm, you will enjoy watching the herds of camels. You may enjoy seeing their exciting acts.  

Did you know that the word camel is an Arabic word which means “beautiful.” That’s the reason we will take you to the camel farm where you will notice the beauty of the camels which I am sure you would have never seen before. 

Also, in Arabic, the word camel has 160 synonyms. Look how they emphasize the word. There must be a reason which you will get to know on the farm! The excitement for overnight desert safari must be boosting up. 

You will also get a chance to do camel ride! That would increase the fun even more. 

What will we do after visiting the camel farm?

After the thrilling experience, you will receive a burst of happiness. We will take you towards the bizarre dune bashing session. There you will make your trip more pleasant by the company of the golden dunes.

What’s next after the camel ride?

After riding on a mighty camel and enjoying the moment to its fullest, you will have a cup of coffee. We will serve the coffee along with tasty dates. 

Plus, we also challenge you to let us capture your picture, holding a falcon in your hands. *winks*

Next, we will increase your happiness more by pampering you with a henna tattoo. While applying the tattoo, we will further entertain you by a belly dance performance.

Then, we will present you a dinner of delicious Arabic BBQ which will leave you mouthwatering. You can enjoy your dinner while staring at the milky way. After that, you will enjoy your night under the sky full of stars!

At the morning safari, you will have a sumptuous breakfast. After breakfast, you may click some pictures at the beautiful lights. Then, the time to say goodbye will come!

What will be the timings of overnight desert safari?

This question is a frequently asked one. Our driver will pick you up at 2:30 PM. The drop off time is 9:30 AM. Conclusively, the trip will be of 16 hours.

What are the services included in the tour?

Our services include convince. We will pick you and drop you in a land cruiser. Plus, a dune bashing session. We will click a sunset picture for you. Additionally, we will also provide you with a camel ride. Food is also inclusive such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Starter food is also inclusive in the package. If you want an Arabic costume photo shoot, we will also do that for you. The deal also includes sandboarding and skiing. Also, we will pamper you with a henna tattoo. Plus, you will get to see a belly dance performance and Tanura dancing. At the dinner, we will present you delicious Arabic BBQ. Afterwards, we will make the tour more exciting with a fire show performance. Then, you can enjoy stargazing while we will present your mattress, pillow, blankets, and tents. In the morning, you will receive a tasty breakfast.

That’s what we offer! To avail our overnight desert safari services, contact us now!