Dubai Desert Safari and journey
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Dubai is one of the in demand and developed state which has the captivating, luxurious, agreeable and furnished lifestyle. Also the capital of UAE.

Dubai tourism:

Dubai tourism is full of the advanced delight of modern and furnished apartments, buildings, fibered night liveliness and fun also the different types of landscapes and panoramas.


As Dubai is so popular for tourism in order to explore current excursionist sites and locations where you want to go- a journey around the Sandy zones proceed through the desert Safari after registered yourself through luxury Arabian Tours. First of all, you have to know that you registered yourself for a desert tour with the proper and right website.

    It’s not easy to select amongst an assortment of audacious desert trips. The journey starts from your given pickup points and then accommodate into 4×4 wheels.  Make sure your driver should be expert to easily and properly drives on Sandy dunes, windy deserts and other enjoyable ups and downs of the desert.

How to make your visit more interesting

 The most interesting attractions of the visit are :



Camel ridding

Time of the day

And other adventurous experiences

Food :

Types of packages available in desert Safari among them some packages include food and some are without food (food is not included).

      Budget Safari includes food you have to pay little more in this package but you can enjoy the VIP food and charming ambience of desert.

Camel rides : 

  Among most of the attractions camel ride is very interesting part of your desert tour which increase your excitement level. Some desert tour packages comprise short ride but you can broaden your ridding duration. It’s totally your choice.

Wild life :

Dubai deserts give gazelles , wildcats , monitor lizard and many species of desert snakes. You can enjoy a angling experience for the conclusive animal photography.

Adventurous experiences:

Tourists who are thrill seekers they have choice to entertain their selves by dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiving and dune buggy rides on different desert tours. But these experiences are not for the children and faint hearted people.

Time of the day :

Time of the day is the most important factor to enjoy your desert tour. If you don’t want to handle hear and Dubai hot weather private desert safari available in three different times of a day. You can enjoy the charming view of evening and legendary nightlife of deserts.

Types desert safari tours according to your interests and convenience

Morning sessions for those who have busy schedules for the evening. Morning safari can change according to your desert tour package. Most of the tour associations give 2 hours package journey which includes 20 minutes of thrilling dune bashing with a sensational camp visit from where you can experience camel ridding , quad biking and sand skiing. This 2 hours package is suitable for those who are not interested in dinner and camping session.

Evening sessions if you’re planning for the visit to Dubai you have to plan evening Dubai safari which gives you lifetime memory and pleasure if you’re a nature loving person. Beautiful and serene view of sunset makes you feel pleasant. Evening journey starts with the afternoon. You can get a chance to experience the sunset, boarding of sand, try beautiful and Arabian styles of henna on your hands and feet. Appease yourself in celebration and BBQ dinner and also enjoy with belly dance performance if you’re interested.

Overnight sessions it’s best for the people who are interested to explore the night life of Arabic desert. You can experience VIP BBQ dinner with night camping and also enjoy with the cold desert breeze at night.

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