Overnight Desert Safari

A night in the desert is amongst the checklist of all tourists. If you’re one of those tourists, we can make your dream come true. At Dubai, the desert safari is an adventurous experience. But, when you do it at the night time, the experience becomes more enjoyable.

At the overnight desert safari, you can enjoy your time stargazing under the comforts in the camp. It sounds fantastic, no? We all would love spending the night under the desert sky and counting stars. The company of mesmerizing stars along with the winds, would create a thrilling combination.

Although if you go alone, you will enjoy the experience, yet the company of your friends and relatives would make it more memorable. Imagine the time of seeing the sun rising in an open sky. You would love it for sure! Due to our daily busy routine, we all are moving away from nature. We do not notice the little things, but they matter a lot. Our mental peace comes from these things. Hence, we should take out some time from our routine and plan for a trip where we could enjoy our time with peace. If you are planning something like this, overnight desert safari should be the go-to option. In our daily life, we forgot to notice natural things such as clouds, sun, birds, etc. At the safari, you can forget all your burdens and enjoy your life!

From where will the overnight safari start?

If you have made this decision, I ensure you that you’re right. 

Our driver will pick you from the hotel where you are staying. Then, he will drop you at a camel farm amidst the desert. Most importantly, the driver will come in a 4×4 vehicle. We strive to make the trip as memorable as possible.

What will we do at the camel farm?

The trip to camel farm is an ad on to make the day pleasant. Camels are a part of nature. At the farm, you will get a chance to do something different. Obviously, that’s what our goal is. However, at the farm, you will enjoy watching the herds of camels. You may enjoy seeing their exciting acts.  

Did you know that the word camel is an Arabic word which means “beautiful.” That’s the reason we will take you to the camel farm where you will notice the beauty of the camels which I am sure you would have never seen before. 

Also, in Arabic, the word camel has 160 synonyms. Look how they emphasize the word. There must be a reason which you will get to know on the farm! The excitement for overnight desert safari must be boosting up. 

You will also get a chance to do camel ride! That would increase the fun even more. 

What will we do after visiting the camel farm?

After the thrilling experience, you will receive a burst of happiness. We will take you towards the bizarre dune bashing session. There you will make your trip more pleasant by the company of the golden dunes.

What’s next after the camel ride?

After riding on a mighty camel and enjoying the moment to its fullest, you will have a cup of coffee. We will serve the coffee along with tasty dates. 

Plus, we also challenge you to let us capture your picture, holding a falcon in your hands. *winks*

Next, we will increase your happiness more by pampering you with a henna tattoo. While applying the tattoo, we will further entertain you by a belly dance performance.

Then, we will present you a dinner of delicious Arabic BBQ which will leave you mouthwatering. You can enjoy your dinner while staring at the milky way. After that, you will enjoy your night under the sky full of stars!

At the morning safari, you will have a sumptuous breakfast. After breakfast, you may click some pictures at the beautiful lights. Then, the time to say goodbye will come!

What will be the timings of overnight desert safari?

This question is a frequently asked one. Our driver will pick you up at 2:30 PM. The drop off time is 9:30 AM. Conclusively, the trip will be of 16 hours.

What are the services included in the tour?

Our services include convince. We will pick you and drop you in a land cruiser. Plus, a dune bashing session. We will click a sunset picture for you. Additionally, we will also provide you with a camel ride. Food is also inclusive such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Starter food is also inclusive in the package. If you want an Arabic costume photo shoot, we will also do that for you. The deal also includes sandboarding and skiing. Also, we will pamper you with a henna tattoo. Plus, you will get to see a belly dance performance and Tanura dancing. At the dinner, we will present you delicious Arabic BBQ. Afterwards, we will make the tour more exciting with a fire show performance. Then, you can enjoy stargazing while we will present your mattress, pillow, blankets, and tents. In the morning, you will receive a tasty breakfast.

That’s what we offer! To avail our overnight desert safari services, contact us now!