If you have an opportunity to visit Dubai, absolutely you need to communicate with peoples and Dubai social and cultural convention, you need to encounter each particular traveler place in Dubai. Our most popular trading packages give you the ultimate chance to explore the beauty and the cultural legacy of Dubai. We are happy to present our assets of each exercise with a confirmed range of excellent and plenty of trips created for artistic voyagers who desire some great number of personalization, management, and systems. Luxury tours not only give you deals and packages, we possess more extraordinary works. We are informing you with Dubai. From our perception of the unbeatable and sheer indulgence variety of transportations, the dimension of power from our heads, the top-notch cuisine knowledge and the remarkable desert journeys inside the regions of a majestic desert resort; this will be an excellent rendezvous. These parts structure the endowment of Luxury Arabian Tours. Get your Laguna water park tickets to enjoy and chilling in summers.
About Laguna water park:
Laguna Water Park highlights five central areas including a local store. It additionally gives you immediate entry to the shore where you can experience lighthearted entertainment by the sea.
The specialized water slide system is the greatest of its character. Experience the three looping frame slide of the Free Fall, reach to challenge each other as the floor falls out from beneath and you rush to the ground. The saucer, the other one in the world, will slide you into a dark tunnel around steep open rounds, with a visual image of running over the side. Above showers and rapids make the slow river not so lazy after all!
The WaveOz is a various wave action to Dubai giving a 180-degree, fully inflatable journey surface that spans 187-feet wall-to-wall on the head. Guides on the surfboards provide you more comprehensive control over the flow and a further big adventure.
Kids of all ages can experience the park, with a dedicated Splash Pad for the toddlers to participate in the fun and Aqua Play for kids from 4 to 12 years, with looping slides and a tipping container. Whilst the kids play, grown-ups can rest in a high-end pool room with immediate passage to the shore.
Main highlights:
Experience five thrilling waterslides that cover the Loop, Mad Racer, and The Manta
A wave region features the unique WaveOz 180 FloRider in the GCC
Rest on the slow river journey
The Splash Pad range is perfect for younger visitors under 4 years of age
Meals and drinks are free.

Introduction to all the rides slides and demonstrations in Laguna Water park.
Introduction to the La Mer Beach.
Parking for up to 4 hours in the covered car park.
Free Wi-Fi.
Not included:
Snacks and beverages
Towels and lockers

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