VR Park is Dubai’s newest and most exciting spectacle! The VR Park is the latest immersive VR happening in the Middle East, finished with genuine to-scale posts is something you should not avoid the chance to encounter. Our Super Pass to the park enables you to determine the 7 exercises you see multiple appealing and provides you full entrance to them for a whole day in the park. Make your VR park experience more exciting and thrilling with us. Book your tour with Luxury Arabian Tour.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This:

Have you always thought that whatever it can feel like to breathe in the imaginative universes we see after digital tubes? VR Park Dubai provides you an opportunity to encounter exactly that and more extra. With VR Park’s charms, you will see yourself engaged in the activities presented mainly with the addition of real-world posts. The whole park is separated across two levels that contain many various activities that provide usually diverse flavors and hearings. Adventures like the “Burj Drop” provide you the adventure of descending on the bottoms of the Burj Khalifa – a truly adrenaline-packed adventure.

Related adventures introduce the “Plummet” the skydiving adventure and Dune Bash, and off-roading experience. And also, games like the “John Wick Chronicles” and “PAYDAY: The VR Heist” enable you to undergo an immersive action-packed adventure from the scenes of famous films and videogames. The park additionally offers more extra family-oriented adventures like the “VR Travel Bus” and “RobocomVR” that enables you to go in spacecraft and travel space.


When you entered in VR Park you experience and observes several attractions. To encounter all these attractions you have to wear a VR headset first.  You may also have to do some strengtheners to communicate yourself with games and attractions. You can enjoy any 10 attractions which are at the top and depends upon your interest and choices.  Any of the attractions will involve the usage of life-like strengtheners that communicate with the VR components. Those might include strengtheners of guns or mittens that enhance your immersion in the space.

Following are the lists of games you can choose from your pass:

  • Dubai Drone
  • Dune Bash
  • Hologate
  • Stereolife
  • Burj Drop
  • VR Maze
  • Plummet
  • Virtual Rabbids
  • Holocube VR
  • We Play VR

Memorable parts:

  • 7,000 sqm of VR space.
  • Displays that are focused on the theme “Challenge reality”.
  • 18 displays that provide to all generations and concerns including fear and adrenaline-packed activities.
  • Multiplayer matches are expected to be played by crowds.
  • The atmosphere has strengtheners that communicate with the VR exposure to give a heightened feeling of reality.
  • The PVRK cafe with outstanding meals and drink choices.


  • Admission to VR Park
  • 4 hours of gameplay at the VR Park
  • Choose 7 out of 10 VR games and rides

Desert Safari UAE is an exciting tour that gives you an unforgettable evening in the desert. Dubai has become a popular visitor spot in the world and Desert Safari journey you should never miss when you are in Dubai. The most proper time to enjoying desert safari is evening, after the sunset, the warmth of the desert disappears it becomes more relaxed and more satisfied. Let Get a ride to the outskirts of the town and you’ll find beautiful red hills as far as your eyes can detect. Make your tour super exciting with Luxury Arabian Tours.

    Our tour starts with pickup from your given location. After picking you up from your hotel or residence and take you from the best desert safari location. This can be done in a 4*4 Land cruiser. The first step of our tour is dune bashing which only done with our specialized drivers. Dune bashing is a very exciting experience. Gives you very thrilling and exciting memories, after dune bashing, we start a new session which is quad biking which is a 25-minute session. The greatest thing is that you needn’t have to hold any specific skill-set or previous practice to entertain in quad biking Dubai. In guidance on the protection concerns of the use of quad bikes by our specifically instructed staff, you can go set for an off-road journey that is both dramatic and breathtaking. All our bikes are advanced and managed to top-class entertainment means you can be sure of its protection and ease of handling. On the other hand, if you are under 15 years or don’t want to ride it yourself, an expertly prepared quad biker will guide you on your impressive sort of desert journey.

  After quad biking, sand boards provide for sandboarding which gives you eternal fun and entertainment. Later you served with refreshments, drinks, and snacks. Where you can enjoy camel riding. Traditional dresses for men and women for photography will also provide. Our henna specialist females design your hands with adoring henna patterns.

Your desert tour ends, where you can experience a delightful and mouth-watering buffet include veg and non-veg also; you can provide cold drinks so you can refresh yourself by quenching your thirst. You’ll also enjoy many traditional live shows such as belly dance, Tanura dance entertained by Egyptian dancers while you are eating. Contact us to book your journey or book online through our website.


  • Desert dune bashing
  • Henna painting
  • sheesha
  • Belly Dance
  • Fire Dance Show
  • Tanoura Dancing
  • Sand Boarding
  • Music System
  • Toilet for ladies & Men
  • Dinner tables with carpet & Pillows
  • Mineral Water
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • Bar BQ Dinner for Veg & Non-Veg Also
  • Camel Riding
  • Beverages Counter
  • Local Dresses for men & Women (for photography)
  • 25 Mins Quad Bike

Tour timings:

  • Pickup Time: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
  • Drop off time : 9:00pm – 9:30pm
  • Duration: 6:00 Hrs

Terms and conditions:

  • All Prices are on sharing basis.
  • Private transport can be organized on request
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Children above 10 years will be charge as adult and less than 3 years will be free
  • There will be no bally dance and musical programmes during Islamic Occasions and in the Holy Month of Ramadan as per law.
  • Cancellation should be before 24 hours
  • 100% Charge for no-shows or cancellations made on same time
  • Rates will be subject to change without further

Welcome to our website Luxury Arabian Tours. We provide you number of tour packages in economical prices. Any of our trips is crafted with analysis, knowledge and social deluge that can just be given by our hand-picked social directors. Let us confer you Dubai in a form that will request to all your minds and have you leave with a broad perception of this city’s well-known characteristic, its local authority, and its emerging global appearance.

Regarding Dubai:

In Dubai, everything is more influential and more enjoyable. Its home to the world’s highest high-rise, biggest plaza, the largest indoor theme park, and the largest Ferris wheel. The town is continually growing below the power of the ideal Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In 2020, Dubai will perform host to the World Expo, and there are still further innovative constructions that are supposed to start before that great occasion.

In the core of the glitz and glam, however, is a town including a vibrant aesthetic culture. Dubai originally gained its fame as a spearing and pearl village and a vital harbor on the Persian Gulf.  More with new improvements, the city’s soul of the story is, however, growing today. One can enjoy a mug of conventional coffee, take a trip on an ancient abra or store in an old souk.

About Burj Khalifa:

Among the many attractions in Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the center of attraction. Located in the heart of city. It’s a bustling center with extensive shopping plazas, Arabesque purchasing systems, the popular Dubai Fountain and concrete walkways with stunning street design. Our passionate leads will provide you understanding into the development of Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Opera Building, the Address Hotel, and different iconic City events while leading you on a journey to experiencing Dubai’s goals as a World City and landscapes of the Country.

At 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa is the highest building in the world. Book Burj Khalifa. At The Top tickets online and perceive the most beneficial packages from Luxury Arabian Tours. Tour the central view layer and outdoor yard on level 124 presenting 360-degree panoramas of the town; or attend the elite level 148 – the At The Top Sky.

Sights we see or talk about:

Important points:

  • Book quick to evade dissatisfaction
  • Many photo chances of the city, desert, and beach
  • State-of-the-art telescopes give real-time and traditional aspects of the displays beneath
  • Indoor and outdoor research fields
  • Visit to the perception floor at 10 meters per second in the specific lift
  • Renew to At The Top Sky, level 125 and 148, to experience a gift bar with meals and refreshment service
  • Question us for dining opportunities at the Burj Khalifa.

Desert Safaris have forever lived one of the best displays of Dubai and a private desert safari Dubai offers a grand chance to experience particularly with your friends and family in the red rises and golden deserts of Dubai. Accessible in a variety of opportunities like morning desert safari, evening or all-night desert safari, you can decide the one that well suits your hanging out plans. With the compliance to customize the whole tour package, directly from the choice of vehicle to the food menu, a Dubai private desert safari in an excellent way to have pleasure in privacy. You can double up your excitements with Luxury Arabian Tours.

Why prefer private desert safari?

Dubai is with the prime destinations beyond the earth with one of the biggest penetrations of foreign travellers. Owing to the different entertainment and adventure activities it gives, Dubai is the greatest international traveller place where the visitants can endure the high-end city life amalgamated with the traditional Middle Eastern culture.

As we think the bespoke private journeys for our customers, they are ever served with the greatest of the services and exercises for the expected number of times. Our Dubai private tours lead will take through a mesmerizing drive towards one of the most unexplored experiences of the world. You are greeted with the welcome drinks of your preference at the campsite, from where you can join in your favourite exercises and make the most from your desert safari journey.

   Our tour begins when we pick you up from the given location of your residence or hotel saves you a lot of time and heading towards your desert location in 4×4 land cruiser. The initial step of your journey is dune bashing. You’ll enjoy the ups and downs of sandy hills give you enduring exciting experience in our 4×4 Toyota land cruiser. An unprecedented and exciting adventure you’ll feel after the dune bashing. After this session, you’ll stop for snacks and encounter the beautiful view of sunset in the Desert and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the Dubai desert. Later, we’ll get you towards desert camps where you’ll appreciate sandboarding. We’ll provide you proper sandboard after some minutes you may be sliding down the rises, you can also enjoy camel riding, you have chance to wear traditional Arabic outfits for women. Our henna specialist females design your hands with adoring henna patterns.

     Lastly, your journey in the desert ends under the glimmering open sky of the Dubai desert. Where you can experience a delightful and mouth-watering buffet include veg and non-veg also, you can provide cold drinks so you can refresh yourself by quenching your thirst. You’ll also enjoy many traditional live shows such as belly dance, Tanura dance entertained by Egyptian dancers while you are eating. During this trip, you may get numerous chances to capture your pictures of breathtaking views of Desert. Aftershow finish makes your Friends, family Group Photo Session that you had Best Desert Safari in Dubai and then drive back to Dubai to drop off you.


  • Desert dune bashing
  • Henna painting
  • Hubbly Bubbly
  • Belly Dance
  • Fire Dance Show
  • Tanoura Dancing
  • Sand Boarding
  • Music System
  • Toilet for ladies & Men
  • Dinner tables with carpet & Pillows
  • Mineral Water
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • Bar BQ Dinner for Veg & Non Veg Also
  • Camel Riding
  • Beverages Counter
  • Local Dresses for men & Women (for photography)

Tour time:

  • Pickup Time: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
  •  Drop off time : 9:00pm – 9:30pm
  •  Duration: 6:00 Hrs

Tour price:

  • 800 AED Per Car

Experiencing dawn and the serene environment of Dubai desert is the most enhancing and satisfying experience.  Someone visiting Dubai should not miss the chance to experience early morning desert safari. Most of our guests are not able to experience desert safari in evening due to their involvements. For the convenience of our guests we offer different packages. You can double your fun with luxury Arabian tours. Anyone visiting Dubai should not miss the chance to encounter desert safari.

The charming morning sun with many adventures:

 After book your Desert safari from our website. In this package, we’ll get pick you up from your residence or hotel from our active and trained drivers. First you’ll be doing dune bashing which is a thrilling ectasing experience. After coming to the desert safari point, with in the SUV 4×4 land cruiser. The up and down of the dunes gives you very thrilling memories and you can’t resist yourself for shouting. After you done with dune bashing, you’ll definitely enjoy sand boarding. We’ll provide you proper boards and after some minutes you may be sliding down the rises. After all these activities you’ll serve with refreshments and soft drinks altogether.


Within the conclusion, you may drop back to your pickup point. During this trip, you may get numerous chances to capture photos. Which will always gives you cherish memories and you can happily share your photos with your friends and family. Once in a lifetime don’t miss this adventurous chance and call to book us. So we can easily facilitate you or you can book online through our online booking website.


  • Pickup & Dropoff from Your residence or hotel.
  • Dune Bashing.
  • Camel Ride.
  • Sand Boarding.
  • Quad Bike.

Tour time:

  • Pickup Time: 8:00am – 8:30am
  • Drop off time : 12:00pm – 12:30pm
  • Duration: 4:00 Hrs

Enjoy the most energizing and courageous visit of Dubai. Set out on the brilliant sand dunes of Dubai with luxury Arabian tours!

Dubai hummer desert safari description: could be a brilliant way to encounter Dubai desert as we set off for Hummer Safari within the evening with our master guides cum drivers. Our skill will appear you a modern desert world as you may appreciate with ride of hummer H2. Moving through the impressive brilliant sand rises you appreciate a dashing hill bashing. As your excite comes to top once you go up and down with the rolling rises of Dubai desert, will compel you to begin shouting with charm. After this exciting and bold time we move towards another step an elite sand boarding and camel ride, the fun is at crest here as you take an energizing slide down the hill. Here coming to on beat of hill you’ll encounter the mysterious dusk of Hummer Desert Safari, also enjoy the Sand board, 4×4 Quad Bike, Horse Ride & Much More. The casting evening beams of nightfall will doubtlessly charm upon you. After having such an awesome excite we’ll drop you off at Dubai Desert camp where you may appreciate desert accessible assets and palm frond.

     After this you’ll be welcomed with a conventional arm welcomed. If your Hummer Dubai desert safari is in evening you will enjoy the world wide buffet with tasty and mouthwatering BBQ. Under the gleaming Dubai desert sky with peaceful and serene environment. After this you’ll also enjoy belly dance performance. Set out on this enchant night presently so may you never disregarded these brilliant minutes.

   You can easily book your Hummer Dubai desert safari with luxury Arabian tours and provide us a chance to make your valuable moments of life memorable ever.

  • Pickup & Drop off from Your Location.
  • Hummer Pick up and Drop.
  • Dune Bashing On Hummer
  • Top dune sun set picture
  • Camel riding session
  • Arabic coffee, tea , Water and Soft Drinks
  • Arabic Costume Photoshoot
  • Sandboarding & skiing
  • Henna Tattoo
  • 5 Live Shows
  • Hubble Bubbly / Shisha
  • Hot BBQ Dinner (veg & non-veg Option)

Tour time:

  • Pickup Time:                                2:30pm – 3:15pm
  • Drop off time :                              9:00pm – 9:30pm
  •  Total Visiting  Hours :                 6:00 Hours

Terms and conditions:

  • All Prices are on sharing basis.
  • Private transport can be organized on request of a customer
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Children above 10 years will be charged as an adult and less than 3 years will be free from charges
  • There will be no bally dance and musical programs during Islamic Occasions and in the Holy Month of Ramadan as per terms and conditions
  • Cancellation  of booked safari must be before 24 hours
  • 100% Charge for no-shows or cancellations made at the same time
  • Rates will be subject to change without further notice.

Who doesn’t adore high rises, tall rise building, and culture together? No question, luxury Arabian tours  gives you the most excellent Dubai City Visit in town. We endeavor to plan such prudent bundles for Dubai city visit that our clients require the most. Whether it is modern Dubai or the old cultured Dubai. Our customer feedback proves that we offer the best to our Dubai Trip. Reveal the finest sights and sounds of Dubai investigating the city interior out with our elite Dubai city visit. Picking you up from an area easy to you, our Dubai city visit begins within the morning. Bounce on the air-conditioned vehicle we’ve organized for you and get prepared to begin your Dubai city exploration in style.

city tours

            Head to Dubai River to witness the magnificence of the Dubai horizon in a conventional watercraft ride- an Abra ride, feeling the salty breeze, Halt by the Dubai Gallery to find the wealthy history of the city, Respect the architectural brilliance splashing yourself within the calmness and the quietness of the Jumeirah Mosque one of the must-visit points of interest in Dubai. Proceed your travel to the Jumeirah shoreline to appreciate an unwinding time, where the water is precious stone clear and the shoreline is silver white. Pass Madinat Jumeirah one of the foremost sumptuous resorts in Dubai. The another halt of our visit is Atlantis the Palm another mesmerizing 5-star inn in Dubai. At that point this Dubai city visit will take you to another must visit locate in Dubai- Sheik Zayed Street where roadsides are stuffed with mind-blowing building structures.

         Go on an extraordinary shopping encounter at the Dubai shopping center where you discover everything from finest gems to most recent hardware. Your visit to the Gold Souq will make your jaws drop as you see the unimaginable adornments craftsmanship in Gold. Burj Khalifa is another astonishing fascination you may get to witness during this visit that’s known to be the tallest tower within the world.

    Our visit will appear you the finest of Dubai with neighbourhood visiting specialists to create your visit more than fair a bounce on and off visit but an involvement worth a lifetime. Arrange your Dubai City tours Visit with us.


  • Dubai Museum
  • Spice Souq
  • Dubai Creek
  • Gold Souq
  • Abra Ride
  • Jumeirah Mosque (PS)
  • Burj Al Arab (PS)
  • Jumeirah Beach (PS)
  • Madinat Jumeirah
  • Atlantis the Palm
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Mall (PS)
  • Passing the Zabeel Palace
  • Sheikh Zayed Road

Tour time:

  • Pickup Time: 8:30am – 9:30am
  •  Drop off time : 1:30pm – 1:45pm
  •  Duration: 4:00 Hrs

  1. Introduction
  2. Dubai and tourism
  3. Desert Safari Dubai


Dubai is one of the in demand and developed state which has the captivating, luxurious, agreeable and furnished lifestyle. Also the capital of UAE.

Dubai tourism:

Dubai tourism is full of the advanced delight of modern and furnished apartments, buildings, fibered night liveliness and fun also the different types of landscapes and panoramas.


As Dubai is so popular for tourism in order to explore current excursionist sites and locations where you want to go- a journey around the Sandy zones proceed through the desert Safari after registered yourself through luxury Arabian Tours. First of all, you have to know that you registered yourself for a desert tour with the proper and right website.

    It’s not easy to select amongst an assortment of audacious desert trips. The journey starts from your given pickup points and then accommodate into 4×4 wheels.  Make sure your driver should be expert to easily and properly drives on Sandy dunes, windy deserts and other enjoyable ups and downs of the desert.

How to make your visit more interesting

 The most interesting attractions of the visit are :



Camel ridding

Time of the day

And other adventurous experiences

Food :

Types of packages available in desert Safari among them some packages include food and some are without food (food is not included).

      Budget Safari includes food you have to pay little more in this package but you can enjoy the VIP food and charming ambience of desert.

Camel rides : 

  Among most of the attractions camel ride is very interesting part of your desert tour which increase your excitement level. Some desert tour packages comprise short ride but you can broaden your ridding duration. It’s totally your choice.

Wild life :

Dubai deserts give gazelles , wildcats , monitor lizard and many species of desert snakes. You can enjoy a angling experience for the conclusive animal photography.

Adventurous experiences:

Tourists who are thrill seekers they have choice to entertain their selves by dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiving and dune buggy rides on different desert tours. But these experiences are not for the children and faint hearted people.

Time of the day :

Time of the day is the most important factor to enjoy your desert tour. If you don’t want to handle hear and Dubai hot weather private desert safari available in three different times of a day. You can enjoy the charming view of evening and legendary nightlife of deserts.

Types desert safari tours according to your interests and convenience

Morning sessions for those who have busy schedules for the evening. Morning safari can change according to your desert tour package. Most of the tour associations give 2 hours package journey which includes 20 minutes of thrilling dune bashing with a sensational camp visit from where you can experience camel ridding , quad biking and sand skiing. This 2 hours package is suitable for those who are not interested in dinner and camping session.

Evening sessions if you’re planning for the visit to Dubai you have to plan evening Dubai safari which gives you lifetime memory and pleasure if you’re a nature loving person. Beautiful and serene view of sunset makes you feel pleasant. Evening journey starts with the afternoon. You can get a chance to experience the sunset, boarding of sand, try beautiful and Arabian styles of henna on your hands and feet. Appease yourself in celebration and BBQ dinner and also enjoy with belly dance performance if you’re interested.

Overnight sessions it’s best for the people who are interested to explore the night life of Arabic desert. You can experience VIP BBQ dinner with night camping and also enjoy with the cold desert breeze at night.

Many people often wonder what their vacation will be like when they go on an evening desert safari UAE. After all, it is easy to forget that these desserts are not precisely for kids and more often than not, it is much more than just a refreshing and relaxing trip.

If you are considering going on an evening desert safari UAE, then you should know that this is one of the more adventurous adventures you can experience while vacationing in the country. More often than not, these safaris start from Dubai and continue to different parts of the country, including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

The idea behind an evening desert safari is to see the nightlife in a country where people do not have to worry about the usual early morning chores like getting ready for work or running errands. People do have fun in Dubai, just not usually at night, but now with the help of the internet, it is easier than ever to get a good night’s sleep on holiday in Dubai. There are night clubs in Dubai where you can watch the action in the city as well as in other destinations across the country.

A lot of the places where you can go on an evening desert safari are exotic and bring a little bit of that exotic culture to the desert. Most people enjoy spending time in the desert after a long and tiring day and a night safari is something you can easily afford while on holiday in Dubai. Even if you are not going to fly to Dubai to take part in a night safari, you can still spend some time in a desert destination or the country by driving.
The top tip for an desert safari is to plan your trip a few months in advance. When you know how long the journey will take, you can easily avoid any long lines for a passport and planning helps a lot. While planning the date for your trip, try to get in touch with local guide services to give you an idea of what you will encounter on your journey.

You may have heard that an evening desert safari can be extremely challenging, but the reality is that there are only a few things that you have to worry about. A lot of the places you will go to have a soft shade that makes for perfect shade while the nights are cool and to stay comfortable, you can go barefoot to provide you with a feeling of being in the desert at night. As long as you take plenty of water, you should be fine.
Finally, it would be best if you took a tour package when booking your evening desert safari so that you can stay on the most preferred location and your experience can be even better. If you are planning a trip of this type, you should make sure that the place you stay at will not only offer great entertainment but also provide you with an enjoyable stay.

People mostly tourists come to Dubai to travel the UAE, and the Arabian cites with attractions you can view. Make use of all your Desert safari facilities and try your luck entirely when the need for seeing the desert outskirts. Try out the Dubai Safari first to prepare yourself for fulfilled experience as travellers.

Decide to use the Luxury Arabian Tours to be on the Arabian Desert safari trip to move on to the next step. Implement your most wanted trip to make it to your Dubai safari to complete your ride with a small fee to pay. Some places are famous and have much recognition from people who want to be in the safari. It is found unique to be at these places, and it is always the best trip you want and will notice to amaze you to the fullest.

Desert in safari is in the middle of Dubai, and travelling to most locations is a new point of view for you. The city is a modern one and does not want to see the real face of the city, which is the primitive part of the city. Also, the sandy areas and the plateau in the hilly regions are looked at more carefully by tourists.

Tours and Travel in the Desert Fun Tour in Dubai

Get on the four-wheelers and enter the sands with the Desert safari to make maximum benefits to enjoy the trip. Try out the Cheap Dubai safari after booking it through Luxury Arabian Tours to confirm. After booking, move into the Dubai Desert safari and get a pick up through our chauffeurs who will get to the place where you are staying.

Travel through your Arabian Dubai safari trip to travel to most locations in the desert strip to go in and out to the outskirts. Avail the best opportunity to make it into the Desert safari to discover the new features. One of the most prominent rides through the desert is the Dubai Desert Safari, which provides all the advantages you want.

It has a large number of attractions which tourists come to Dubai to see in the city and the desert which you are touring. The desert is the center of tourist attractions in the Desert Arabian safari trip to see the different sites and attractions. Some special events and trips make the desert safari trip ideal for a newcomer to be on it for his interest.

Dubai Desert Safari Trip into Dubai Ideas

Events like Quad Biking is a four-wheel biking event that moves the bikes at a fast speed up and down the hilly areas. Take the first and foremost Dubai safari trip to see the desert in the Arabian land to discover for the first time newer places. Secure the wanted rides through your Desert safari to confirm the selected trip.

Do make your advised trip through the desert in your Dubai safari, to stay in unique tents. You can see dance shows when you are looking for consistency in moving through the Desert safari trip. Make the required efforts to get on it. Select where you want to go for your Dubai safari for a ride through the Arabian Desert.

The camel walks you can ride sent through the Arabian Desert to see the ride that resembles the olden time Arabs who trekked desserts. Become a part of the desert and have full exposure in the deserts of Arabia when you plan to move to the outskirts. Sunsets are the central part of the desert safari in the Arabian UAE desert to make you a part of the trip.

Desert Safari and It is Unique Events and Stage Shows

If you went to visit the desert safari to get to the dune bashing experience with the movement on the desert sandy hills. See to it that you have made your part played to join the Desert safari trip which you are eager to travel. Secure your place in the Dubai safari in UAE. Also, stop by for some refreshments which you will need on the trip.

Try out your specially organized Desert safari to accept the fact that your journey through the desert is justifiable. Try out whatever plan you intend to implement and make your cruise in the Dubai safari for you and your family to benefit from the trip. In this event, you can also be sitting in the driving seat of the Land Cruiser in the journey.