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A desert is a barren area of landscape where little rainfall occurs and, consequently, living situations are antagonistic for plant and animal life. Weathering processes form deserts as significant variations in temperature between day and night put exertions on the rocks, which consequently split into pieces.

Desert safari Abu Dhabi can be a fantastic travel destination for a tourist. You can enjoy a lot of things like camel riding, sandboarding, and stargazing, etc. There is something adventurous about desert safari Abu Dhabi, but there is also very romantic about deserts. While traveling to Desert safari Abu Dhabi, you can also visit Dubai parks there that will make you feel amazed. Here are some things that you must have while traveling to desert safari Abu Dhabi.


Your costume/ clothes are an essential part of your bag pack while traveling anywhere in the world. But if you are traveling to desert safari Abu Dhabi and also going to visit Dubai parks, then you must have some warm clothes. As deserts in the night always get more chill, then you must have some jackets, warm hats, gloves along with you. So that it will protect you in the night from the colder environment. Dubai parks are the most amazing places for enjoyment, and it provides a peaceful and romantic atmosphere for couples.


You must have some hiking shoes while traveling to desert safari Abu Dhabi. That is why, because they are heavy enough to protect you from the dry ground. As the ground in deserts mostly burns the skin of the knee. But while you start traveling to Dubai parks, you must have some lightweight shoes that will comfort you. As your knees got disturbed while going through desert safari Abu Dhabi you can apply some talcum powder that will moisturize your feet.


While you start traveling through desert safari Abu Dhabi you must have some proper medication kit that will help you in medicating your self while getting injured in desert safari Abu Dhabi. Your medication kit must have a first aid box with bandage material and some anti-diarrhea medicine so that it will protect you after getting injured in the desert.


Wearing a wide-brimmed headgear will guard you against sunstroke. In the days of desert safari Abu Dhabi you must wear goggles as the days of deserts are hot, and they can burn your eyes. If you do not get these things in your bag, then you won’t be able to save your self from getting harm by the sun rays. These sun rays will damage your skin and harm your body.


Gear is also one of the most crucial things from the travel checklist. When visiting Dubai parks, you must need a backpack. Also, if you plan to stay at desert safari Abu Dhabi, then the sleeping bag is a must. Plus, you also need a sleeping pad to have a peaceful sleep. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the desert safari Abu Dhabi trip to its fullest. Of course, when planning a stay, utensils are a must for cooking and eating. Who wants to die starving? I assume you must have added lamps/torches to the list!


Nobody can forget to take food, but you should know what the right type of food you should keep with yourself is. Although water is necessary, you should save lots of water. Avoiding dehydration can only be done by this! Plus, in food, you can keep dried fruits and nuts. During the travel, you must prevent overeating. Especially at desert safari Abu Dhabi, you have to walk a lot. Hence, the diet should be proper and healthy.


By essential, you must know what I mean. The essentials are technology! They are the basic requirement for the trip. Along with the mobile, you should keep the charger and power bank with you. Your mobile should be fully charged. At the desert safari Abu Dhabi, you can not afford to miss any moment. From the sunset to sunrise, you should capture everything. Additionally, you can also keep a headphone with yourself. If you are a music lover, then the headphones will add more fun to the desert safari Abu Dhabi!

So the above mention things are the most important that you must carry while traveling to Dubai. If you are visiting desert safari Abu Dhabi or Dubai parks, you must take all these things. All the mention things will protect you and will help you in all ways.

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